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51 Of The Best Leopard Gecko Name Ideas And Suggestions.

What is the best name for a leopard gecko

When we get a new pet one of the first and hardest things we have to do is think of a name for our new family member.

You want something that is going to match the personality of your little friend, it can be tough to get the perfect name!

In this post I am going to give you — different and unique name that you could call your leopard gecko. There is bound to be one that matches your leopard geckos personalities or look.

There are names for male and female leopard geckos, unisex names and also some fun names mixed in there as well! So let’s get on with the list and find your new pets name.

Names ideas for a male leopard gecko.

First of i am going to start with a list of classic male leopard gecko names.

Male leopard Gecko names.

NameSexAdditional info
RockyMaleLeo’s love rocks
LeoMaleShortened name
DaveMaleEveryone knows a Dave!
GodzillaMaleStrange resemblance
RaptorMaleIt does look prehistoric
SpeedyMaleThey are fast
RacerMaleAgain, they are quick
BuzzMaleIn reference to sounds they make
TigerMaleThe markings give it away
ReptilianMaleBecause it is a reptile
IceMaleLeo’s are cold blooded
SpotMaleDoes your leo have spots?

Names ideas for a female leopard gecko.

If you have just got a new female leopard gecko then the lust below will be great for you. There are name ideas for all female leopard geckos.

Names for female Leopard Geckos

NameSexAdditional info
TigeressFemaleLike tiger but a female version
LizzyFemaleLeopard geckos are lizards
DottyFemaleBecause it has dots and spots
GingerFemaleTaken from the ginger stripes
PrincessFemaleBecause it is a princess
LeonaFemaleA play on leopard
MistyFemaleMisting of the tank
MissyFemaleIt just works
PimpleFemalePimply skin texture

Unisex and cool leopard gecko names.

This next list of name ideas and suggestions works perfectly with both male and female leopard geckos. There are some really good names in here so I am sure that you will find something to call your new little friend.

NameSexAdditional info
BumpyUnisexBumpy skin texture
SmilerUnisexLeo’s always look to be smiling
ScratchUnisexYou may find that your gecko digs around
DinoUnisexThey look like mini dinosaurs
ChirperUnisexAfter the noise they make
BleepUnisexAgain after the noises they make
BlizzardUnisexFits for the blizzard morph
RaptorUnisexVelociraptor dinosaur look
RexUnisexAgain after a dinosaur
SunnyUnisexThe color can look like a sunrise
CricketUnisexNames after the Leo’s favourite food
TailsUnisexInspired by its big tail
Little footUnisexBecause they have tiny feet
CrocUnisexSame shape as a crocodile
GizmoUnisexIt’s just a cute name
StinkyUnisexDoes it smell a little bit?
HatchUnisexYour leopard gecko hatched
LuckyUnisexIt is lucky to have you as an owner
FrecklesUnisexThe markings can look like freckles
LazyUnisexDoes your leo like to just laze around?
BumpUnisexThey can be a little clumsy
HunterUnisexThe way they hunt for the food
HiderUnisexDoes your gecko like to hide?
DiggerUnisexLeopard gecko like digging the substrate
PeanutUnisexA cute name for a cute gecko
NinjaUnisexIs your gecko stealthy like a ninja?
DartUnisexYou may have a fast gecko that darts around
Mini meUnisexA cute name for your pet
SpottyUnisexReference to the markings

How to think of your own leopard gecko name.

If for some reason non of the above names seemed to fit with your new leopard the. It is time to think of some names.

It can be difficult to think of the best name for your Leo but below are some tips to help you along the way:

  1. Spend a week watching and observing  before naming your leopard gecko.
  2. Look out for any personality traits that it shows such as being clumsy, noisy or really active or maybe even very lazy.
  3. Look at its skin coloroation and texture.

I always find that the best names come from observing your pet and then basing it on it’s personality. You will then get a unique name that fits your leopard gecko perfectly.


There are so many cool names that you could give to your leopard gecko, take your time and find the perfect one for your pet.

I would love to know the names that you have given your pet. Let me know in the comments what you have called your leopard gecko and I will add it to the above list!



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