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What Does Frog Poop Look Like? A Guide To Frog And Toad Feces.

A photo of a frog pooping

Ok so I will start off by saying that this is not the usual article you will find here at Super Crazy pets. However I know that there are some serious amphibian keepers around and also some readers who have stumbled upon some mysterious poop.

So with all of that in mind the theme of this article is going to be about frog and toad poop, yes you heard me right! I will be letting you know what frog poop looks like and a load more vital information that you probably wished you never knew.

But let’s face it you searched for this online so you are here because you want to know. In all seriousness though you have more than likely found some around your pool, pond or in your yard.

I have done all of the research and written it into this article so you have all the details.

Lets get into the article!

A guide to frog and toad feces.

Many people are shocked when they see frog poop for the first time and I must admit I was too. For such a small creature they really do make huge poops.

So what does frog poop and toad poop look like? Freshly excreted frog poop is generally a very dark brown to black color and usually looks to have a shiny coating. A frogs poop can be roughly a quarter of the size of the frog itself which is pretty incredible. It does however quickly dry out and then looks a lot less shiny and silky.

In the photo below you will see a frog poop in its fresh stage. Check out the comparative size compared to the frog itself.

A photo of a frog excreting poop
Most people are completely shocked at the size of frog and toad poop compared to body size.

And just for good measure, here is a video from YouTube that shows in better detail. Just in case you need it!

As you can see the frogs poop is absolutely huge for its size.

Why is Frog poop so big?

Gosh this article is just so weird! However I shall carry on regardless because we all obviously want to know.

So what is the reasoning behind frogs having massive poops?

Well frogs have huge appetites and they also have animal instinct. When a meal is provided to them they will generally eat all of it in one go out of fear.

The fear being that they do not know when their next meal may come along also other predators could come and steal the food. This leads to absolutely huge dinners when they eat and as the old saying goes:

“Whatever goes in must come out”

luckily for our friend Mr Frog its body is suited for this and what would be a painful experience for any other creature is perfectly normal for the frog.

If you would like to know more about the diet of frogs and toads check out this article that I wrote.

What does toad poop look like?

Well I am glad you asked!

In general most toads are larger than frogs and yep, you guessed it, toad poop is usually bigger than frog poop. It looks almost identical but just at a larger scale.

Toads also have a ferocious appetite and absolutely stuff their meals down in one go. Just like it does in frogs and because of the toads anatomy they end up producing huge poops.

Below is a video of a toad pooping so that you can make a comparison to what you have been unfortunate enough to find. Unfortunately the uploader called it a frog but everyone makes mistakes.


The places you are likely to find frog and toad poop.

To be completely honest you could find frog or toad poop anywhere outside but you stand a much higher chance of finding it around the below locations:

  • Around pools.
  • Near or around the edges of a pond or lake.
  • Moist and damp areas around your backyard.
  • In the tank if you keep frogs and toads.

There are many other places you will find it but those are the main areas. My advice is to make sure you don’t swallow any more pool water!

To prove a point about being able to find frog poop anywhere I have attached a photo below of a frog pooping vertically on a door frame.

A photo of a frog pooping up a vertical door frame
I told you that you can find frog poop anywhere didn’t I !

Frog poop vs snake poop, the differences.

I have noticed from my research that there is some confusion with people thinking that the poop they have found is snake poop instead of frog or toad poop. There are some key differences between frog poop and snake poop which I will list below.

  • Unlike frog poop, snake poop will usually have some white or yellow caps on the poop. This is a substance called Urea, which is basically a reptiles version of pee.
  • Frog poop is usually quite solid although moist, were as snake poop is much more liquid and will usually have small bones from their prey.
  • If you are regularly finding the poop the chances are it is frog or toad poop and not from a snake. This is because snakes go a long time without a meal and as such do not poop that often.

Below is a photo of some snake poop, compare it to the frog poop pictures above and you will see the differences.

A photo showing the difference between frog and snake poop
As you can see there is quite a difference between frog and snake poop.

How to stop frogs, toads and snakes pooping in your yard.

If you find that you are having a major problem with frog, toad and snake poop in your yard or around your pool I have heard that an ultrasonic repellent like this one on Amazon works and will stop them from coming round. It is humane and does not kill or injure the animals.

It is much more preferable than using citric acid which is very cruel and will seriously injure or kill the frogs and toads.


For my regular readers I apologise for this weird post but people wanted to know and it is my job to tell them. But come on, don’t tell me you didn’t find it interesting.

The take-aways from this article are that frogs and toads make huge poops that can be found anywhere. However you will mostly notice around places of water.

If you see some around your pool make sure to clean it up ASAP as it is pretty disgusting stuff.

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